March 3rd releases

I’ve appreciated these threads recently.

Blanck Mass is finally here - giving it my first listen now.

I was psyched for Lusine’s latest having gotten a bit obsessed with him in the past few months, but it felt a bit underwhelming on the first couple of plays.

Whatchu listening to?

Having never heard them before I’m checking out the new Why? record and 3 tracks in it’s really good. Also going to be listening to new Grandaddy and Nadia Reid who I have been reading good things about.

I’m not too familiar with Blank Mass but will definitely check it out too, am I right in thinking he makes ambient/electronic stuff?

His first album was by-the-numbers ambient drone, but he’s since shifted more towards what could loosely be termed techno.

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Really loving the new Blanck Mass record, listened to it a lot since it’s been streaming on npr.

I picked up a copy of the New Grandaddy on my way to work this morning, an excellent return from those guys :smiley:

New Kangding Ray as well :heart_eyes: What a day to be alive!

Blanck Mass sounds ace on first listen - Silent Treatment is the obvious highlight for my money.

I was somehow oblivious to there being a new Nadia Reid album! Cheers for the heads-up! Nice surprise that.

I’ve only read about her, not actually heard anything as yet, what’s she like?

Grandaddy and Sleafords

Listening to Nadia Reid. It is nice.

Downloaded (legally) both Grandaddy and Nadia Reid slightly after midnight for the journey to work this morning. Both excellent albums. I lost touch with Grandaddy after their second album but have a ticket for their Rough Trade East gig next month and so I thought I’d check it out. A good morning for listening to new stuff on the way to work. Work on the other hand is totally shit.

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Streamed Grandaddy this morning - very good, but never a 10/10.

Will give it more time over the weekend.
A Lost Machine is stunning.

new Temples

Blanck Mass and Grandaddy are both great stuff.

Sort of techno. Sort of noise. Sort of OPNish in places.

Listened to and enjoyed Grandaddy. Got Blanck Mass and Why? lined up. But Crack Magazine have the new Idles album for stream so that’s jumped the queue.

Great Day.

Don’t want to sound dismissive, but she’s just a girl with a guitar really. Particularly well crafted songs though.

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I’ve skip-listened to everything released today. 61 different records, i think. All shite. Absolutely nothing took my fancy at all. Grandaddy, Alexis Taylor and William Ryan Fritch the least shit of the lot, but wouldn’t relisten.