March Attacks: The Politics Thread

Isn’t Cherry’s thing that she’s a GC feminist though? I’m not sure that she’d join a party headed up by Salmond, given the reasons for him being cast out by the SNP.

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You’d think. However, she’s been defensive of Salmond throughout the last few years and is usually listed as a ‘Salmond ally’ in the press. :grimacing:

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The abhorrent is touting it as the party for “science and women’s rights” if you wanted anything further to confirm that it is all the TERFs that’ll be lining up to vote for them

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Where does US politics chat go? See dominion are suing Fox News for 1bn

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Is this a thing?

I don’t think that this is her personal spending.

A lot of these are related to the temporary accommodation and living expenses of border control staff who were put up for several weeks near the Kent ports.

Ha, amazing! I used to stand outside the video rental store (now a physio) on the corner of Leigh Road/Ellenbrook Road to get the 26 into town for my first job in 2002

10p is a bargain tbf

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Poll on having Scottish Politics here or in a separate thread, FYI.

What a prick


Fucking twat


It is not the people that run this food bank at all, christ the headline is absolutely terrible:

Couldn’t really find any other thread to put it tbh

It’s been a half-arsed shitshow from the start, but it got the government some good headlines, so I guess it worked.

I’ve read this and given myself nightmares so now you lot do

You cannot make me click on that


Click it or I copy and paste it


If even I can predict it, you know it must be bullshit from the off

Keir DEMANDS to know what it feels like when you go with a lady.

With a whole board for news & politics is there not an argument for more threads covering particular subjects in-depth for shorter periods, instead of these monolithic threads?

Or at least starting a weekly rolling thread. I already find it pretty much impossible to use these threads as they are.