March Attacks: The Politics Thread

just one of their correspondents

They understand how precarious it is for most companies at the minute, they can’t afford to employ more people until the money is coming in and most suppliers supply on 60-90 day terms




this… isn’t a bad budget, innit.

have been wondering about how the tories can fully nail down a one party state for a while now. and you sort of need your own ‘opposition’ within the party variously to create a to and fro (and remove a need for the centrist ‘opposition’ of labour.

and rishi is filling that gap well

this is where my point above can be scrutinised. it’s not ostensibly bad, if they’re not fibbing. and they fib a lot.

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Is @anon76851889 messing with the spacetime continuum?


I feel discombobulated. What month is it? What year is it?


It’s also now confusing whether the £500 lump sum thing is only for working tax credits or also universal credit.

Great when you’re on survival money and trying to figure out what the hell your income will be.

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yeah. typical of this/tory govts

what would you set the contactless limit at?

  • £20 (where it started)
  • £30
  • £45 (where it is now)
  • £70
  • £100 (where it will be in future)

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totally normal country

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mate of mine lost his card (can’t remember how) and someone just went straight to Tesco and purchased 2 bottles of £28 whiskey (limit at the time was £30)

what’s gonna stop the same thing happening but the thief buying £99 of stuff twice?

surely it’ll increase the losses the banks make, and that will eventually impact on us


Oh god of course. Performative sovereignty.

Imagine being Spanish and reading in the paper that the UK was proving its might by extending the amount of contactless card payments. Full bonkers behaviour

Who needs freedom of movement when I can buy 10 crates of Carling without having to remember 4 digits?


…he seemed to say


Just warming us up to the point where all payments will be taken by genetic pheromone signature

Tory Councillor in ‘talking shite’ shocker:


I can understand having a lower limit but I don’t really understand why this is a thing government sets tbh.


Just means when someone nicks your card they can get a couple more tins from tescos