March EFL thread

100 point deduction just for existing.

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+15 points off for Gareth Ainsworth

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During his playing days Ainsworth picked up the nickname “Wild Thing” due to his appearance and his rock star ambitions; he was in a band called APA with Wimbledon teammates Chris Perry and Trond Andersen.[100] He later joined a band called Dog Chewed the Handle , named after a Terrorvision song, after answering an advert in Loot . Prior to the audition, Ainsworth hid his footballing career from his bandmates until he had been accepted. The band were invited to support Bad Manners on tour but were forced to turn down the offer due to clashes with Ainsworth’s footballing career. The band later split, with Ainsworth and another member forming a new band, Road to Eden .[4] By November 2019, he was fronting The Cold Blooded Hearts .[101]
He is considered a cult hero at Preston, Wimbledon, QPR, Port Vale, Lincoln City, and Wycombe Wanderers.[102][103][104]
On 21 October 2010, he represented the English Football League at the unveiling of the Footballers’ Battalions memorial on the site of the Battle of the Somme.[105][106] He graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Diploma in Professional Studies in Football Management in December 2019.[107]
Ainsworth is married to Donna, who is from Venezuela. He has three children.[108] He is a practicing Catholic.[109]

The ‘personal life’ section of his wikipedia is wild.


Awful awful injury time equaliser for @stupidsexyflanders’s lot today :sob:

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I think taking 2 points off Ipswich was almost more important than the point we got tbh

Yeah totally. Massive game for us. Very upsetting!