March Football Thread - postponement edition

Nah cuz if it got Varred that would have saved Iwelumo and Scotland some graces, not our way.


Absolute slugs.

City are one, who are the others?


By proxy, 10 of the current Premier League sides support Man City in their battle for justice against UEFA’s perfidious kangaroo court. What a vote of confidence!

#justice4Mansour #CityUnited #Thismeansnothing

It’s everyone in the top half apart from city and the blades


Financial doping. Agreed.

Enjoy your new This Means Moreverlords.



FAO Sunday league players and non-league fans (@imaperv @he_2 @funkhouser)

All seasons for tiers below the 3 national leagues are being called off

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Really really intrigued to see what the other leagues do now. I can’t see them doing this with the Premiership, regardless of how entertaining it would be.

Yeah I think it comes down to money vs. hassle and Admin.

At the Premier league and Sunday league those are no brainers on either side, everywhere in between has a decision to make I guess.

I know you tagged me in this as a bit but would be quite on board with ending the L2 season now as long as all results and league positions still stand.

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Mike Keegan at the Daily Mail Used to work at MEN and is an Oldham fan who sometimes gets Latics scoops so one of those people I have to follow was throwing around the idea that if they cancelled the National League season as was rumoured yesterday it would force the EFL’s hand to cancel the season and then the Premier League. It was interesting since the ongoing theory was that everybody would follow the Premier League. Can see the logic if the arse end falls out then it all goes. Suppose this for now protects the idea that the Professional Leagues will finish.

Now THIS is worth a round of applause from the whole country


Have watched a couple of classic matches from years gone over the internet with a few mates recently, and can confirm that engaging in this activity while drinking a couple of cans is a pleasant way to spend an evening.

What the actual hell is going on in the world now