March Football Thread - postponement edition

And people moan that the tv license fee is a waste of money.


So Newcastle have charged fans for next years season tickets already.

Mike Ashley in being a cunt shocker.

love that he nominated jose enrique


god I hate this cunt


This weekend should’ve seen the Italians brought on. Alas.


Does Stevie know what a book is?


Abdelhak Nouri is out of his coma


No Phil Collins?


Just been reading Dutch newspaper reports about this. The news is based on a TV interview with his father and brothers that was broadcast last night.

While he is out of a coma, his condition is still very serious. He lives in a specially adapted house close to the family home with 24 hour care. He is bed-bound and he can only communicate by raising his eyebrows. He sometimes watches football on TV and occasionally responds to what is happening on the pitch, by smiling.

Despite this, his family still believe in a full recovery.


Just a terribly sad situation, isn’t it?


Play the league with 22 teams next season - top 2 of each division gets promoted with no relegations this season. 5 teams get relegated next year

  • Really stupid idea
  • Stupid idea
  • Good idea

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I personally think some scheme should be put in place by which fans can defer payment if they are in an emergency situation… That way those who can afford it can still help out the club (it’s not a freebie, they still get a season ticket) and those struggling to make ends meet can opt out. It is obviously a big hit to any business to cancel a wave of regular and scheduled payments they’ve been expecting, so maybe clubs can meet fans somewhere in between?

tbh I think Forest should be promoted and West Ham relegated. Twenty team top flight as usual, everybody happy.


There was an article where it said most Premier league clubs can play to an empty stadium and still make a profit.

It seems totally off for a Premier League team charge fans for next years season ticket, when there is no idea when this years will even finish.

It’s more understandable for lower league teams, who need it to survive.

Can they not play to an empty stadium and still make a profit? Obviously if clubs are in the position to do so, they should extend all measures possible to the fans and the staff.

You’d think, but Mike Ashley.
Palace are doing community related stuff at the moment. My season ticket is due for renewal but its now old hold to further notice.


Superb stuff from James McClean here


obviously I’m slightly biased, but think this would be a bit unfair on the teams in the playoffs. not sure how you solve that though given it’s one of four - would be very annoying if they just promoted 3rd as well given a) we’re 4th and b) who is 3rd

although in theory with two of the bigger teams gone from the Championship and no-one relegated from above to replace them, it’d leave it clear next season for Brentford to sweep to promotion/shit ourselves somehow and get caught up in an extended relegation zone :thinking:

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Fucking hell :joy: