March Football Thread: The quadruple is on

We go again.

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Off to watch the Wolves have 36 shots at Cardiff but somehow lose this afternoon. Can’t wait.

who’s ‘Pep’?
why can’t everyone just be their true selves


Any other team and this could be anti bants but it’s so weird how wolves play against top/bottom of the table teams

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Not won away at spurs since the Timmy Sherwood era. Strongly doubt that’s gonna change today.

Argyle v Sunderland away. Really not sure how this’ll go. We’re in really good form but their home record is better and it’s a very fucking long way to have travelled. I think we’ve probably done enough now to stay up, and the next two games (today and Luton at home) won’t define our season. I’m sticking a couple of quid on 2-2 I think.

We really could do with the points, we were looking good for the 7th-place Shield a few weeks ago, we’re only there on goal difference now.

Don’t think we have any Mackems on the board?

Either way think everyone is by proxy an argyle fan.


I think you’ll do em 3-1

Really can’t wait for bmouth vs Man City
Bournemouth should just stick the kids out, we can’t compete with that kind of $$$

Boro at home. We’ll be lucky to get nil.

Pretty big game for Reading today. Got a feeling if they can’t get come away from Portman Road with a win, they’ll probably be going down.


Bradford away at Portsmouth.
lost 3-2 to 10 man Walsall last week and Hopkin quit. good form from over Xmas has completely disappeared. caretaker manager looks like a Hollyoaks character and Steve Evans is still sniffing around the job. sad scenes all around

:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Another absolutely massive game. Do us a favour, yeah?

Only realised on Thursday that Utds game was today not tomorrow meaning I can’t make it. Was looking forward to seeing James Garner and all the other future Sunderland players too.

Fitness First Stadium version Bournemouth will absolutely murder City if they play like they did last weekend and during the week. I don’t think they necessarily will - City seem to have developed a decent ability to turn it around during exhausting schedules. But it’s impossible to shake the sensation from watching them recently that they’re petering out rather than getting the bit between their teeth. Kind of fixture that demands a fresh squad, and they ain’t that.