March Football Thread: The quadruple is on



It’s 1-1 at half time in this Champions League last 16 clash between FC Bayern and Liverpool, why not sit back with a cold refreshing pint of Gazprom?


Sick of people getting their fake reactions into videos.


That Mane first touch is unbelievable. Proper hot and cold but he’s been brilliant for the last couple of months


Maurice Edu and Steve Nash (of NBA fame) doing punditry on the stream I’m watching. How delightfully obscure.


Bit harsh putting May on penalties after the day she’s had


I thought English teams would be kept apart in the next round but is that an out of date thing?


Free draw quarters onwards


Mine is not for sale, obviously.


I’ll give you a grand


Spurs United would be shit. Any other combo I’d be ok with


Can we take a moment to appreciate the coefuckingficient


It’s a captains armband, mate, not an academy graduate.


Is muller injured?


Bayern are here for the taking tbh


Don’t know but they don’t look the same without him. They’re a Muller Lite


Steve McHanrahanrahan is the absolute worst commentator. Be a studio pundit for your boyhood team sure but you shouldn’t be co-commentator, for me Fletch.


There are worse. Townsend for instance.


Both teams have been really ropey. Liverpool look a bit more lively going forward. Barca lyon has been a better game but barca beginning to look a bit more comfortable


Pleat mispronouncing all foreign names.