March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


The alternate universe we all dream of


No true Dutch football fan will support a German team tonight. Or ever.


Are Everton playing tonight?

e: suddenly realised that not everyone in this thread has a copy of the Liverpool 1994/95 annual


Renato ‘not good enough for Swansea’ Sanches everybody



Liverpool vs. Man Utd
Man City vs. Barcelona
Spurs vs. Porto
Ajax vs. Juventus




Lyon-Ajax final please.


Porto Lyon final


I’ve rated Fabinho recently, but he did basically sum up his entire performance in a couple of seconds there when he gave away possession by kicking the ball into his own face


Messi has just done a good thing and lyon are out of the final


Well, I couldn’t be happier with my predictions tonight


gorgeous cross from Salah


LiverpooI have been really professional and clinical second half but fucking hell Bayern have been dreadful


Do do do do do do


Mourinho to Bayern would be funny


Lyon :frowning:

rip with the angels now


Really old team and no world class players. They’re a bit fucked


A goal for all of coefficient


Messi’s just taking the piss now


Bayern have been to helles and back