March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


Would be the fourth time in six seasons.

Only played one tie since Heysel i think. Probably better they’re kept apart considering, idk.


not your most sophisticated angler is parsefone - flounder tramping and trout binning is his speed


He’s more dynamite in a lake


alright - Spurs v Barca, City v Juve, Liverpool v Ajax

that’ll do


Van Dijk’s voice is nice too btw


Sound we’ll have Porto then


ah, good ol’ blast fishing


Alright Troy Deeney


Ajax is 73% owned by its members. Doesn’t get more local than that.


Oh yeah, that’s great - I was just putting a brake on the English Pride that might come from 4 George Crosses up there on the board


Don’t want Liverpool or United. Losing to city would be the least worst.

Think the only all English tie I’d be up for would be United Liverpool though


Ajax v Barcelona
Man City v Spurs
Liverpool v Porto
Man City v Man Utd
Man Utd v Juventus


Bold prediction there, Clive


Pretty certain that Juventus are gonna win it. They’ve got that horrible Madrid thing about them now, and it’s just gonna be absolutely sickening again.

Last eight otherwise open, unpredictable and exciting but i’m not gonna let myself get excited because everything will just be shite again.


There should be a gentlemen’s agreement that City can have the European Cup if we can have the Premier League



I’d sooner City win the European Cup and also the Premier League. Is there some kind of arrangement we could come to that might achieve that


cancel Brexit and it’s a deal


We’re never going to get anywhere until you start rethinking these red lines ffs.


Thinking about it, best draw entertainment/narrativewise would be:

City v United
Juve v Barça
Liverpool v Ajax
Spurs v Porto


Agree with this