March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


Apt description tbf



Is there any story about what happened to that bust in that end? I would pay… 3 figure sums in order to own it, if it’s just knocking around a scrapyard somewhere.


Just catching up on championship results. Last couple of weeks have confirmed what looked to be the case anyway - it’s between Norwich, Sheffield United and Leeds for the top two (and really it’s between the latter two for the remaining one spot - saturday is absolutely massive)

think the top three are absolutely miles better than the rest and would all be worthy additions to the top flight tbh, and better value than at least five or six teams already up there. But I also reckon whoever finishes 3rd won’t go up cos that’s just how it goes - have to push back the thoughts of how perfectly Leeds/Bielsian losing at Wembley would be after providing fans the best football in a generation. Definite sense of fatalism but have to remind myself football doesn’t adhere to pre-determined narratives as much as it seems like it does

Villa will finish in the playoffs and I bet they do it.


it’s still on permanent display outside Madeira airport

the lad had another crack at it due to the backlash and, you know that feeling you get when you’ve been resting on your laurels for far too long and then somebody finally calls you out on it and you surprise everyone including yourself…


Someone at work was talking about this yesterday. Apparently the sculptor got death threats, which is normal


That’s… Jordan Henderson?!


Remember when everyone thought James Rodriguez was world class in 2014?


QPR are fucking shite again after a really good spell between about October and Christmas.


would love to see Leeds, Sheffield and Villa back in the Prem tbh. Reckon we’re more likely to get West Brom.


Liverpool Vs Ajax would be a spicy meatball


Ideal draw:

Tottenham vs Porto
Liverpool vs Barcelona
City vs Juventus
Manchester United vs Ajax


really hope we don’t get another all english final


Barca v juve
Liverpool v Man Utd
Spurs v Porto
Ajax v Man City


I find it weird that this hangs around as a truism when it’s completely not. Guess it’s a handful of high profile big favourite 3rd place finishers who’ve failed in the playoffs but iirc it’s about 40% of the highest league finishers win the playoffs


I’d like:

Man U - Man City
Liverpool - Porto
Barca - Juve
Spurs - Ajax



You’re two points off the top in March ffs. You’re one injury to Timone Pumbi or whatever his name is from having a shot at winning it.


Norwich’s run-in is a lot better than ours.

We’re also two points off third and could get leapfrogged if we lose on Saturday. Like I say, massive.

I’m not gonna antibants it by downplaying how good we are or should be (we’re bloody wonderful tbh), just that it’s very competitive at the top and there’s every chance that’s only good enough for third


Anyone else got a prediction of the draw or what they would like it to be?

(When is the draw please)


I hope that Barcelona win the whole fucking thing because I’ll be there for it and the celebrations would be great fun.


You are rooting for:

  • Man city
  • Man utd
  • Liverpool
  • Spurs
  • Ajax
  • Juventus
  • Barcelona
  • Porto

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