March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


Spurs = Ajax > barca > Porto > City > Liverpool > Juve=United


Liverpool > Ajax > Porto > Barca > City > Spurs > Juve > United


Nah, City v Juve is the final we all want to see.


How come?


They’re probably the two best teams in it.


United > Ajax > Porto > Barca > Juve > Spurs > asteroid strike ending humanity


The draw will take place on Friday at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

Proceedings are due to start at noon local time, which means things will kick off at 11 AM for those in the UK. As always, the draw will be drawn out.


Well, you’re getting us so

Deal with it :sunglasses:


Up the Throstles. See you at the AMEX.


I’m very much looking forward to an AMEX trip actually as I love Brighton and actually live close by (for now)


Also no offence but it’s quite amusing to see a Brighton fan throwing their weight about who they think “should” be in the prem :wink:


I think my post comes across as sassier than it was tbh - I merely think West Brom are more likely to pull it off than any of the other playoff-botherers.

I’ll accept a formal apology for your cheeky remark about Chris Hughton’s world class premier league football team


I mean you may not remember this and that’s fine but we’re not really Chris Hughton’s biggest fans.

FWIW I think we are gonna surprise people next year, everyone’s bangin on about Leeds because they’re such a “big club” but I think we are playing as good (if not better) football than them (hence the recent 3-1) and we’ve got a bit more depth to our squad to build on


I mean, the tekkers on this


I don’t doubt you’ll go up, but I’ve got reservations about your defence come the Premier League. Never look particularly convincing and the record isn’t great.

No doubts about the fullbacks going forward, those three behind Pukki or your options at the base of midfield, at least from the evidence at Elland Road and the few other games I’ve seen. Always interesting to see how a prolific Championship striker does in the top flight, too - every chance Pukki ends up another Nugent or Gayle, lacking much of anything without the time and space Championship defences give.


The CL draw I’d most like to see is the one that actually happens


Porto because they’re almost my geographically closest top division side here in Spain and have had a soft spot for them since that Mourinho side.

Ajax after that, and then I don’t give a shit who wins unless its Liverpool, United or Juventus.


SOMEONE hasn’t watched #farkeball this season…


I’d assume you’d have same reservations re: your defence? I do agree, that’s what needs most tightening up for next year


Not massively. Maybe in terms of competition for full-backs and depth but I couldn’t be happier with our centre-halves and keeper.

That game against your lot was very unrepresentative of our defence generally

Our record’s good (only Boro and Sheff U have conceded more), we’ve often had long injury lay-offs that have stopped us playing our first choice backline, and now everyone’s fit we’re keeping clean sheets regularly. As soon as he arrived it was clear Jansson was capable of playing a level above, and Cooper’s come on leaps and bounds under Bielsa