March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


Scholes OUT at Oldham after 31 days…


Imagine having to spend a month with Paul Scholes


Another CO92 success!


This is cool


Fair enough, from this casual observer it seemed to me like we’ve both been involved in some preventable (defensively) high scoring games


I could do that. therefore it’s not very impressive.

the most impressive thing is consistently sound fundamentals.


He’s looked disinterested from the start. Our owners some sort of zealot who could turn out to be the next Owen Oyston in hatred terms but, he has been rubbish.

We beat Yeovil, which he says he did nothing for because the team was already setup by Wild and then concedes in the last minute in 3 games. Knew he wouldn’t last just thought it might have been end of April rather than a month later.


Everybody beats us. Scholes would have won that game anyway.


Gonna update this with Glenn Murray on when all these lads turn 35 so we can see who the real daddy is


It was just a weird thing to come out with “Paul, you’ve won your first game in charge how does it feel?”
“I had nothing to do with it the backroom staff set ‘em up how to play before I arrived”

I’ve never seen someone look colder at Boundary Park than him I didn’t have a coat that Tuesday night it was that bloody warm.

Going to stop before I go two footed on our twat of an owner as well.


I remember in his very first pundit gig on Sky during the Moyes era he said something like ‘Well, it’s not been great has it’ and the media absolutely spaffed themselves over it.

One of the least charismatic people on the planet.


Perfect example of someone who is outstanding at what they’re good at, but will never be a “leader”

Really wanted him to succeed, FWIW


had to laugh at the casual savagery of the caption here. the man just scored a hat-trick in Kiev


Giroud is so handsome


Honestly incredible how Aubameyang misses a sitter ever game. Could EASILY score an extra 25+ goals a season.


Last eight of the Europa’s looking pretty sexy.


Slavia and benfica to win the ETs please


If Sevilla get through there isn’t really a favourable draw next round. Very evenly matched across the board. Great stuff.


Slavia’s kit is peng though, and there aren’t enough Eastern European lads in latter stages these days


I’d be more than happy for them to go through and Arsenal to get them next round. Agreed on the Eastern European lads, though. They’re what the European tinpot is all about.