March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


Oooof. That was some extra time


Boy, I’d sure like to see what a team that can beat your team 3-1 would look like in the Prem…


Can we get a VAR check on whether a Black Panther mask deserves a yellow card


Just did a quiz that reminded me of Zat Knight getting two England caps. Good times.


You’ll see it regularly next year


I didn’t realise the semis are getting drawn today as well. So which of City, Liverpool and United will get a much more exciting potential semi final draw and go out to Ajax or Porto in the quarters through complacency?


We are definitely getting promoted this year btw. Definitely.


Annoyed Greenwood is out tomorrow with Lukaku also being out apparently. Touch of the Phil Jones about him, third absense already.


Love a semi


Think I had an email from him once.


Spurs - Barca
City - Liverpool
Utd - Ajax


United will be the only English team to draw an English team


A lot of Lincoln bashing on football weekly extra this week, all of it accurate mind.


Juventus. Oh dear.


Balls. Wouldn’t minded either of those


Liverpool v Porto.



Yesss, Liverpool getting a bye to the semis.


Anyone else finding the uefa steam really laggy?


much better on Sky Sports Youtube


I’ll take it.