March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


Now to wait for the posts where people say Barca are the easiest draw, actually.




Most excited about Barca - United I think. Would be incredibly surprised if Juventus, Liverpool and City aren’t the semi-finalists


Barca United. Lovely stuff


Away second as well, worst result out of 14.


And kluivert has won it!


Just broke into a cold sweat at the prospect of a Liverpool - City final.


No English teams in the final. Juve vs Barca in the one man team narrative cup


Juve v Liverpool final then.


Really disapponting draw that. No great games, four semi finalists pretty much guaranteed. Liverpool v Barca in the semis should be interesting I guess.


We’re gonna beat Barca

Shaw will have Messi in his pocket



Hoping on Sanchez doing a Torres


Sadness in his eyes.


fuck off juventus





Don’t think that Sagan Tosu can afford his wages unfortunately


Psyched for bartha. Another no-pressure draw after PSG. Games in Europe vs other English sides feel intrinsically underwhelming.


United v VARcelona


Very, very relieved about getting Barcelona which is very, very stupid.