March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


The opposite of this, imho.


Double payday for the refs, really happy for them


We play enough bonus games against top-6ers in the FA Cup :wink:


Great. Our first and probably last for a while CL fixture at Spurs’ New Stadium and it’s bloody City. We will lose 5-1 over two legs.


Mad that we’re gonna win the European cup by beating psg, Barca, Liverpool and city


Does anybody think their £350m team might win?


Legit think we might do barca. More confident than if we had gotten Ajax or Spurs. Porto is the only gimme really.


Barca are so open to being countered its ridiculous. If martial and rashford are fit you’ve got a chance (obvious caveat that if Messi + another of the front 3 are properly in the mood then you’ll get blown away)


I actually suggested ours might, and you were instinctively driven to clarify that no, no they weren’t.


Man Utd will do Spurs


*Watford next week


Yep, can imagine Pique et al having a nightmare on the right day. Feels like all the biggest teams are much more susceptible to big second-leg turnovers these days too. Dunno if that’s borne out by the stats but momentum seems to be such a critical factor on the night.


Weird that Liverpool have got the 2nd most reliable defense in the competition now. Think them and Juve are the only 2 you’d have full confidence in protecting a first leg lead, and thats mainly due to their opponents


Yeah i feel like Liverpool being reliable at defending crosses has thrown my world out of kilter


Who’s winning the bloody thing then (try to keep antibants to a minimum)

  • City
  • Pool
  • Nited
  • Spurs
  • Porto
  • Juve
  • Ajax
  • Barca

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Fuck! Just realised I am likely out of the country for the home leg now that City and United are in the same half of the draw. Bollocks.



  • Pool
  • Porto
  • Barca
  • United

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  • Ajax
  • Juve
  • Spurs
  • City

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Chelsea vs. Eintracht Frankfurt in the UEFA Cup please. They’ve never played competitively so would love to see that. Feel like Chelsea have played loads of those in European competition so would like to avoid boring matches.


Why? Thought they were doing really well?


Can’t believe UEFA are making Man United play one of the legs away from home. If that’s not conclusive proof of a co-ordinated conspiracy i don’t know what is.