March Football Thread: The quadruple is on


They are! It was more a pop at the city rather than the team :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha very fair


Liverpool - Porto aside that’s a great draw with nailed-on brilliant semis and final.

If Ajax can knock out Juve after Madrid I’ll love them forever.


Liverpool Porto could still be good. Their performances away against teams they ought to beat have been really shit, and it’ll be interesting to see how they operate against a team (presumably) willing to let them have the ball and sit deep. Liverpool should qualify and probably will but don’t think it’s quite the gimme it looks


Arsenal Napoli!


:fire: fuego :fire:


Good draws there (for the neutrals)


Could come true in the semi-final! Very good.


Might try to get tickets for Slavia vs. Chelsea!


don’t think City will play the reserves in the Champions League, mate


probably won’t be the 5-0 from last year but i’d still expect them to make it through comfortably enough


Ok Jurgen.


This seems ripe for a “how am I doing boss? … Not enough trophies” effort for someone with some photoshop/paint skills


i feel like there must be an onion or daily mash article in response to this


I for one am looking forward to Lovely Ander man-marking Messi out of existence


Think God wants trophies Jürgen


God has picked city to win the league


Praying to Jurgens god that he is fit


Jordan Klopp


Justin Klopp