March Football Thread: The quadruple is on

No! MY very good team will lose the most embarrassingly this week


(this is a joke btw, my team are not very good)

probably the only manager with a proven l1 record (not to mention a criminal record) who’d touch us. Would still rather take a punt on a random guy off the street. do not wanna become one of those people who ends up defending an absolute nobhead cos he’s at the club they support. suppose a good compromise would be he keeps us up and then we sack him anyway for some reason

I understood the joke the first time, as the notion of Fulham FC being a very good team is inherently comical. But thank you for the clarification nonetheless.

New manager bounce n that. 9-0


More European finals than man City this century though eh


Glad to see other people on the boards raise issues with these threads elsewhere earlier in the week. Without wanting to get involved in another debate about it i’d argue that parody/secondary accounts and injokes, along with a small core of people who never take a break from posting, and the weird sort of hypermacho sausagefest negativity/conspiracy theorist schtick of two or three frequent posters are what make the threads both hostile to newcomers and bad for the mental health of some regulars.

The onus should be on those people to behave themselves a bit, and to not stink the place out, or constantly post passive-aggressive drivel, so others and occasional/new posters can enjoy what makes these threads good - Ynot posting about Palace, Juke about Leicester, you about Bradford, Antpocalypsenow about United - people who just want to talk about their own team and club rather than constantly belittle, mock and generally Keys and Gray others.


All I want is that Spurs don’t have as much fun as we had in the home leg earlier in the year.

Do you get ‘home legs’ in the league? No jokes about physical legs please.

Bit out of order this thread title

Whilst I don’t disagree with you, all you seem to do in these threads now is, well, this. It’s very negative, and I feel you could be making this community a better place to be by following your own advice and making nice posts about the football instead of just digging us out all the time.


Agreed. Good luck Liverpool in the easiest derby in European football today. Sure you’ll need it

Warning: the following interview is not an easy read.

Was about to post this but couldn’t come up with the words to go with it. So sad. The thought of MND has been at the back of my mind pretty frequently since Darbs got diagnosed, hard to come to any conclusions when thinking about it other than life is really unfair.


Out of interest am I one of these people you’re calling out?

Oh wow

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Nah, you’re alright. Nice 1-2 away win would be lovely. I’m sure you understand :kissing_heart:

I assume I am one. :man_shrugging:

Completely agree with you on this and it’s these reasons I rarely post in these threads, all my Argyle chat and interest in genuine discussion just kind of gets lost in hundreds of in-jokes and pointlessness. Happens in other threads too, obviously, and lead to me taking most of this week off from here.
Now we’ve got a new football thread I’d like to post more, happy to be your Argyle correspondent.


Darrell Clarke would be a good shout for you I think.

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It’s just the username I chose, admittedly to initially post something funny after a City loss but I stuck around. It is not an alt or joke or parody. Happy for it to be changed or start a new account if it causes problems…

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