March Madness 🏀 (ffo: basketball, friendly competition)

Last minute bump. I think the thing starts in a couple of hours…… no idea when cut off for brackets is tho

I’m in another one on CBS site with my in-laws (and 101 other randos), cutoff is tipoff of the first game at 16:15 UK time.

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I’m in

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I can’t believe a prominent player called Gradey Dick doesn’t play for Duke.

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Just watched the final 10 seconds. If I were a Virginia player/fan I would be devastated at how stupid that loss was.

Ffs Arizona


Big fan of the Michigan St. coach. Looks like a right character!

Purdue gone! Busted my bracket in my extended family group!

FDU’s coach is fun. Didn’t know anyone could talk that fast.

BUSTED! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hell yeahhhh Michigan State. Izzo is clearly a massive douche but you can’t argue with results. 25 straight years of making the tournament, more than half of those reaching at least the sweet sixteen. Don’t even care I picked against them in my bracket.