Marching into Sunday

Morning all…what you up to this Sunday?

Going to eat a mega hotel breakfast in a bit. Then go and head home, get the kids, do some work and go to bed.

Sun’s out!


Morning Slickster!

I am also going to enjoy a hotel breakfast, but need to pack all my stuff first so I’m ready to head for the airport in about an hour. Then home :heart:

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Hope the bath TV was worth it. Thanks for those lifts yesterday!

In for a potentially weird day today. Wouldn’t mind a bit more sleep. Had good bed cuddles with kiddo this morning

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Off to work in a bit. Can someone remind me later that I need to go put my parents and my sisters bins out cause they’ve all gone on holiday :disappointed_relieved:

March 1st

  • Still winter
  • It’s spring!
  • It’s kind of spring but not full spring until we get to the spring equinox

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Winter III no?


Was it! Like an oven door really…

I had it on as I showered. :smile:


Morning all!

Mostly dehydrated in Keith this morning although luckily it is pissing it down outside.

The Glasgow MEAT was a good bunch of drinks.

We’re driving to Edinburgh today to leave The Child with her grandparents while I take Wor Lass to see The Lion King for her birthday.

  • Watching TV in the bath
  • Being able to serve yourself a tasty pizza straight from the bath
  • whynotboth.gif

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Feel really quite awful. R is being a sausage though slightly less of a sausage than yesterday. Well, at least so far - have to try wash his hair soon and that might tip him over into full tantrum mode.

Really want to escape for the day. Fancy Ethiopian food and mooching around bookshops.

Not really slept post big thief/big night out. Might hit the gym

I don’t get using the equinox as the start of spring when midsummer is called midsummer. I mean i don’t think midsummer is literally the midpoint of summer, but you can’t call it that and have it be the start of summer, can you?

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Just learned that 'er indoors is exactly one day older than Carrie Symonds, which has given us both the boak.


Gonna do more music and then go see the Orielles tonight.


My rib cage looks great when I’m laying down

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But basing seasons on rates of changing lengths of day makes much more sense than aligning it to some sort of human forged calendar that loads of the world doesn’t even use.

Call it startsummer then!