Marching into Sunday

Call it startsummer then!


Maybe I will!


No I don’t get it either. For years I just thought the seasons started on the first of March/June/September/December, so this equinox/solstice nonsense is confusing

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I personally follow the dis calendar of seasons involving 2 winters


Sat in bed played Kentucky Route Zero

I’m up early but I’m committed to being lazy


I wanna stay in bed, eat brownies and read my book.
Need coffee and breakfast though.


Going to see A Winged Victory for the Sullen later.

Thats about it.


I took a couple of pics of me and @avery on the train home last night. It’s basically the only time I ever remember to selfie us.

Had a massive splodge of pizza sauce on my face. Thanks for telling me, Winch meat people. Good to know who my real friends are (NO ONE :sob:)

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Oh no! I didn’t notice

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I think you picked it up on the train, when you rubbed that pizza sauce on your face just before taking a selfie.


Saw 'em last night, you’re in for a treat!

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This genuinely sounds remarkably similar to a day in my job in the school holidays.


Mrs W’s redundancy payment came through, so we’re treating ourselves to a pub lunch.

This prospect is then ruined by the fact that I have to spend the remainder of the day working - given that I’m in hospital tomorrow.

Maybe a couple of lunchtime pints will make me more productive…

Thought I got an almond croissant from co-op. It tastes like cheese.

Oh fuck

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Need help with an important decision

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  • Rio De Janeiro

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That dance show energy is a powerful, frightening energy. Only the strong may harness it, and even then only for a short time

True, I keep two emergency ciders in the office fridge.

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In Glasgow :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right::arrow_double_up::arrow_double_up:
Met excellent DiSers :arrow_upper_right::arrow_right::new::arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
The hotel provided bed tea :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
Going for a run :ng::ok::up:
Forgot my running jacket so will double t-shirt and see how I get on :cool::asterisk::cool:

No plans other than use the massive bath, eat more great food, watch a film, see some art, drink a few beers, eat more food and just chill out real hard


Biiit hanging after the excellent DiS meat last night. Going to go for a run and see if that helps.

Going full penoid this afternoon and joining a Magic the Gathering draft tournament. :nerd_face:


Oooft got quite a bit of the ol’ sludge hangover. Having an egg bagel + coffee as is right and proper for a sunday morning. Gonna have a very boring day of tidying and life admin, might go gym later. #sunday