Marcus Smallholding

Does anyone else watch Marcus Wareing pottering about on his smallholding at half six on BBC2 every weekday evening

I quite like it. Marcus Smallholding.


Fun enough isn’t it and I do admire his mega barbecue set up

Would love a small holding all veg and goats and that

One day.

Yeah I think it’s just pleasant to have countryside smallholdingness on the telly, makes you feel all summery and chipper

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You should marry Marcus Wareing. You’re always banging on about him.

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And Olly Smith

A small farm deserves a better name, imho.

The guy has beautiful eyes

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I don’t know what a smallholding is and I’m too scared to ask

used to watch it regularly but it started wareing a bit thin


I know what it is now

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And unusually long eyelashes

That the section of Satty Kitch where the dude’s always out buying a couple of animals then cooking them for the people he bought them from?