Mare of Easttown

HBO crime drama currently on NowTV.
Kate Winslet is Detective Mare Sheehan in a pretty run-down town on the outskirts of Philadelphia.
It’s been really good so far. It’s released weekly and we’re up to ep4

Reckon it’s worth having its own thread


Jean Smart is absolutely brilliant as Mare’s mother too by the way.


It’s good

Anyone know how many episodes it’s gonna be?

I think seven but not confirmed

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the first i heard of this was seeing a billboard poster but thought it was a sky-made thing so assumed it would be total pish.

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I’m also enjoying that Philadelphia-based Mannequin Pussy are providing the music for the kid’s band.
Apparently they asked Marisa to provide performance training for the cast but MP were on tour so Michelle from Japanese Breakfast stepped in :metal::metal:

Yeah, know what you mean. Unfortunately Sky have a deal with HBO.
Hopefully it won’t be too long before HBO MAX or whatever it’s called becomes available to Europe and UK so we can get it direct.

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I’m about half way through the fourth episode.

The series is slow moving verging on the boring but there’s just enough to keep me watching and I’ll probably see it through to the end now.

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Really enjoying the sheer drudgery of trudging from one miserable household to the next.

I’m not being ironic.

I noticed the population of Easttown is extremely small but they have an indie record shop selling exclusively vinyl.

I’m really enjoying it, wasn’t sure I would. Took me a while to realise the guy who looked like Evan Peters was simply Evan Peters, despite this I’ve been following it just fine.

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It’s really good. The humour mixed in with the bleakness is great. It has one of the best ‘drunken guy at a bar’ performances ever


I like the drudgery too. I must say I was a bit disappointed at the end of the first episode when the main plot kicked in. Was kind of hoping it wouldn’t go down that same old road.
However, so far, I do like how they’re doing it so not complaining too much

I love this show, I think it’s great. Miles better than some of sky’s other big shows this year (your honour, flight attendant)
I like how they casually drop in the revelations rather than it being a dun dun dunnnnn moment and have audibly gasped a couple of times.

So we think Mare’s son is that baby’s dad, right?


. Is that timeline possible?

Maybe - but they’ve tested Frank (his dad) to see if he was the dad and he isn’t. If it was the sons kid wouldn’t they have got some kind of “close relative” match?

I think Sky’s deal with HBO runs to 2025 or something do don’t hold your breath :frowning:

Theories, guesswork, etc…

I thought we could blur entire polls but apparently not.
Blurred the poll titles to avoid spoilers (up to episode 4)

Who killed Erin?
  • Richard Ryan (Guy Pearce)
  • Frank Sheehan (Mare’s ex, (Pam’s ex))
  • Deacon Mark Burton (creepy priest)
  • Father Dan Hastings (friendly priest)
  • Other (other)

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Who is the abductor?
  • Richard Ryan
  • Deacon Burton
  • Father Hastings
  • Frank Sheehan
  • Other

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This isn’t something I usually do. Prefer to just let the plot unravel in front of me. But a lot of people like it I think. May have missed obvious options. Apologies if so.

Please be wary of spoilers…

Can’t unblur for some reason so no idea what I just voted for :grinning: