Margaret Atwood (not dead, don't worry)



One of my favourite authors. Seems like we’re getting three different TV adaptations of her books next year:

Oryx and Crake directed by Darren Aronofsky
Alias, Grace directed by Sarah Polley
The Handmaid’s Tale starring Elisabeth Moss (she was great in Top of the Lake, and I can see this working well)- it’s got to be way better than the woeful film version that already exists


Just saw the thread title and feared the worst.


SAME my heart flipped


I’ve fixed that to save people the upset.


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I can’t wait for Oryx and Crake - it’s an adaptation of the three novels, isn’t it?


Hah, mine just said “Margaret Atwood (not dead, don’t worry)”


Yeah I think it is. Seeing as Oryx and Crake and Year of the Flood are essentially the same story told once from the perspective of the rich tech bros, and then again from the women and outsiders in society, it could work really well.


*thing, FFS.

Very excited about the idea of an Oryx and Crake TV adaptation - it’s a book that I loved and should re-read sometimes but haven’t got round to. Great author.


But yes, she’s one of my faves and I’m mega excited to see all these adaptations, although I still haven’t read Oryx and Crake. The casting for Alias Grace is… interesting. Anna Paquin as the friend? lol, etc


Margaret Atwood + Sarah Polley = most canadian tv show of the year


Darren aronfsky in TV eh…


hope it’s as good as Noah!!


MArgaret Atwood + Sarah Polley certainly sounds promising!


Did the Handmaid’s Tale at school and watched the adaptation. Wow, was it shit.


They seemed to have thought it was a romance novel.


I only have vague memories of it, but everything I remember was bad. The soft-focus, the cheap sets, the acting… I should probably reread the book tbh, as a surly 16-year-old being forced to read it for school I’m sure I failed to properly appreciate it.


When I did A-leve English circa 2002, for the compare two novels unit, the teacher deliberately picked Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and The Color Purple off the list to fuck with the 3 macho idiots in the class. Their howls of protest when they realise they had to “read about lesbians and care about their feelings” to be able to pass the exam were great.


I was the macho idiot who really resented having to study Carol Ann Duffy. I’ve come round a bit (Prayer is brilliant).

Think there were three guys in a our English A-level class and maybe 20 girls. In contrast, my A-level economics class was 20 dudes. Not sure the point of this anecdote, but it feels pertinent.