Margo Guryan (R.I.P)

Coincidentally have been listening to her album recently. It’s truly wonderful. Only released 1 album afaik but maybe there’s some history to that.

This is her best know track I think but the whole album is a lovely concoction of brill building sounds mixed with late 60s psychedelia and beautiful melodies.


Oh no, I literally spent ages listening to her album for the first time a few weeks ago (as well)

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Yeah that record’s great. Shame.

Aw, I Don’t Intend to Spend Christmas Without You is a festive favourite with me (Claudine Longet version) but I had no idea who had written it.

Been listening to the Spotify version of the album (I think it has a few bonus tracks), and I’ve now got the “last” song stuck in my head relentlessly. Just the “where is Tim anyway?” bit.

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