Marijuana (polls/chat/definitive thread)

Just noticed Canada has #legalizedit. Reckon it should be legal in the UK? (anon).

Never smoked it myself obviously, officers.

  • Should be legal with minimal regulation
  • Should be legal with regulation
  • Should be decriminalised but still illegal
  • Should be illegal

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420 blaze it


Fully in favour of allowing people to grow their own for personal consumption if they wish.


If you think it should be legal, how do you feel about it being smoked in public?

  • For it completely
  • For it, but take a similar approach to alcohol
  • Against it

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Less annoyed by it in public than by regular cigarettes tbh tbf



in fact I actually quite enjoy the smell


Smokers - have you noticed a weird trend towards the widespread availability of brain melting ‘skunk’ over mellower strains in the past decade or so?

  • Yes
  • Dunno
  • No

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All polls are anon btw

in Spain, its quite common to see someone just walking down the street in broad daylight smoking a fatty.

Noticed this in London too, but its funny to see when you live in a really provincial, small city like me.

Have just spent two months on the west coast where it is already legal so have seen what happens when you do. Seemed fine everywhere except San Francisco where some people had clearly developed a massive problem - smelled SO strongly of it and were completely incoherent.


do you think there should be more education about marijuana at younger ages (e.g. positive and negative effects on mental health?)

  • fine with the current set up
  • more education
  • less education

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Wonder if the uk would get as many awful tourists as Amsterdam if it was legalized.
probably not cos nearly all of them are English


Should be more clinical research full-stop


Jon Snow yesterday on C4 news was amazing

ever seen anyone smoke a 10cm long cigarette? Often think you could eliminate its use by banning the extra long papers.

  • yes
  • no

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Took me a while to realise why my parents found the name of the late-80s TV show, “Doobie Duck’s Disco Bus,” so amusing.

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  • tight roll
  • fat roll

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Tbh the main reason I want it legalised is to get wider access to milder strains. I just want to get mildly zonked and listen to krautrock maaaan, I’m not often in the mood to see through time and lose the use of my legs.