Marika Hackman

Surprised there’s not a thread out there already. Boyfriend is my song of the summer atm.

I’m Not Your Man is out June 2nd

Marika Hackman is great

the kind of music she makes is not the kind of music I listen to at all these days but she is a spectacularly good artist and I hope she gets all the success & plaudits she deserves. She’s really impressive in interviews & on stage from the videos I’ve seen & it’s pretty clear that she has a vision and plenty of artistic control. She’s doing everything how it should be done really & it’s probably long overdue that a young female artist is writing honestly - but not earnestly - about their bisexual adventures with a quality songwriting & lyric writing craft

Hope the LP does well

Agree 100%

Saw her do a secret set at The Joiners in Southampton (as ‘The Talentless Skanks, a Marika Hackman covers band’) and they were great, the songs are all really well balanced, and I like how the guitar work has that The Bends tinge to it.

This one’s good too.

wish her brother would start making music again

Only just discovered her through this new album. Absolutely loving it!

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