Mario Kart Group Thread - DLC Wave 3 7th December & December Karting nights

Proper official separate thread for keeping track of and chatting around DiS Mario Kart races!

The most common race time is 9pm and on Thursdays, but you can use this thread and the handy @mariokarters tag (which I believe is open to join if you just click on it) to summon people for other times/days to see if anyone is up for it.

If you don’t know how to play online, here is a handy guide:
First, do you have a switch online subscription? You’ll need that.

Then if you go to the get lobby code to access the DiS tournament in the Switch friends doc at the bottom of this post. You’ll need to go to the online menu in MK, then select tournament and enter this.

Also worth noting is that occasionally a thing happens where you leave and go back to find nobody else in the lobby. The workaround we’ve found for this is to instead of going to the tournament option, go to the option above that says friends & rivals and just select one of us who you have just been racing against and that should put you back in there with us.

I think that is all? Let’s a go!


Races starting about now if anyone wants to join (if you read this post soon after it appears)

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I’m not sure if I’m match fit but I’ll come and have a go

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tenor (2)

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Currently watching @thesewoodenideas tearing round Rainbow Road

I hope I can remember the controls…

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Oh what a red shelling!

Busy :slight_smile:


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just joined and it says im the only one in tehre


Whoop I’ll take fifth

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G to friends and rivals and if u have one of us in friend list click on us and join race

Star ran out straight into a truck. Brutalised!


And I’ll take it again! Consistent!

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What a beautiful bunch o miis


Ah right on the line grievous.
Where’s var?

Robbed 2nd with a golden mushroom

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From last to 4th! Will take it.

Tfw you redshell the race leader 3 times in a row and they don’t even flinch