Mario Maker 2 thread

Thread to share levels, talk smack and share ideas when it comes to everyone’s favourite plumber

Just made a dumb course quick, deffo wont try to make a level proper without a stylus


Turns out this might be an amazing podcast



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My copy just arrived!

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Who’s going to project manage the Super Mario Bros remake, then? @anon29812515 ?

I only have one hand free so can’t play, having a baby just got even harder!

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With a maximum of one hand? I delegate to epimer as jr project manager.

According to the delivery map, my copy of Mario Maker has gone to Tesco round the corner to buy a misery deal lunch for me.


Hello Balonz


Good morning, Antony.

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I liked your course! I died an embarrassing number of times at the start by accidentally picking up the spring and throwing it away. :man_facepalming: Whoops. Still learning the controls.

I hope you are well

:smiley: hahaha it was one I dicked around with last night and did one this morning (see above :wink: ) which is a little more complex but when I get my stylus I’m gunna do a pwoper level.

Yes, very well thank you. Other than not being able to play MM2 and now the in laws are round so further blocked. You?

I am okay thank you. A little tired after attending the Game Quality Forum annual conference in Amsterdam the last few days. I’m sure you can imagine how an event like that would take it out of you a bit!

Google Docs

Can @moderators pls post in OP

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@HotBeefTrauma ur Mii is traumatizing D:

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That’s just how I look :frowning:

Yes, especially if you took advantage of the extra curricular activities the city has to offer.

Hahaha! You’re not wrong there!

Anyway, the forum is telling me off for this exchange now. Nice to see you!


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