Mario Maker 2 thread

Ah balls, I must have typoed it. Is there a way to see courses you’ve liked, or a play history?

Found it. Code looks ok to me? 1P9 - 0WF - MKF

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Yup - press Y on the course select screen to see your profile - play history I think is the third tab on that.

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Snowball Fright
0% clear rate so far (1 play only)


@Yesiamaduck i am now playing yr levels!

Published my first level. JVO-S52-SJF. Can go back to just playing other people’s now.


coin !

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Hey guys, I know it’s googleable but do I need to buy an online sub just to play Mario Maker levels other people have made? I just bought a Switch last night so I’m a complete n00b

Ok looks like you need a sub but it’s only like £15 a year so I’ll take the plunge

If you have Amazon Prime you can jump through some hoops to get a year for free (might be just 6 months at this stage)


I have bought this now.

And a stylus.

and a Waluigi amiibo :+1:


This one took me a while but got there in the end.

Have an idea for another level but can’t get it working how I want it too. Timings seem inconsistent… doesn’t work the same way every time. Still, spent too much time on it to give up now!

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Anyone playing through story mode? Mostly enjoying it, but have two minor gripes.

  1. Cat Mario is a shit idea for wankers

  2. I now want to play Super Mario Fraticide Edition, in which you pummel Luigi to death with a thwomp in exchange for stars, or mushrooms, or moons, or whatever else is floating Peach’s boat that year - no I don’t want help - I’ve only died twice you presumptuous green bastard.


Agree on both points.


just give me the job as head game designer in Nintendo HQ now, might as well.

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I hate you :slight_smile:

Gonna work my way through the thread…

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Completed a new level last night - aiming for world 8 SMB3 style hard fortress level. Just have to beat the fucker to upload it now…

Done: 7RR-FJB-82G

I put a lot of effort into this one. Puzzles and traps abound.


I’m currently imagining that you spent the whole 11 hours between posts trying to beat it.