Mario Maker 2 thread

Just set a blistering time on this bad boy :sunglasses:

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Someone should remake Celeste in MM.

Fucks sake with the celeste why don’t you all marry it fucks sake

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this has done me

Celeste is actually the name of the mountain so how could I marry it



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Apparently it’s already been done anyway:

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Got my Stylus boys! (but also got my new PC) so that’ll distractm e

FFS I didn’t realise what was going on here. Thought my browser was playing up. Restarted it and everything…




am I missing something with your level? is it possible to complete? how do you make the jump over to the other bit past the goomba? is there a superjump button or something I’m totally missing?

Hold jump down longer. Not that I’ve done that level but I got twenty minutes on some others. Good variety. Did a decent super meat boy style one.

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Just uploaded my first level! It’s a short little platformer. Dead easy.


Feedback very much welcome.

stick that up your dojo

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Cleared it. Good stuff. Guess if we follow each others aker accounts we won’t need individual level codes anymore?

Yeah hopefully! I’ll try to follow you now

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This can be had for £29.99 if you buy in store at Currys. Gonna try it out tomorrow.

Doc locked for editing?
First level: 6NR-0CJ-N1H