Mario Odyssey


This Friday then!

Managed to miss a lot of the videos spoiling too much although I do know there is a dinosaur in it!

Nintendo are actually advertising it on TV too :smiley:

  • Downloading it Friday
  • Cartridge version on Friday
  • Don’t have a switch
  • Getting it soon
  • Getting the red hat version
  • Mario is for babies (and I’m a Tory)

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Moving house this weekend so got Friday off to pack. This arriving early in the morning could really disrupt my plans.


Off work Friday, will get physical because Nintendo games have really good trade in value


Holding out until after Xmas to pick up a (hopefully reduced price) Switch.


Preordered the download, am flying Friday so looking forward to getting stuck in!


Actually gf is away all weekend so I’ll either finish Zelda or buy this or go outside.


I’ve got way too much of Zelda left to play, but I’m still getting FOMO about Mario :sweat_smile:


With the new NINTENDO SWITCH you can do all 3! Play anywhere, anytime, with anyone!


Hold on, are switch games on cartridges?
Mario is for literal children as you’ve rightly pointed out though


they can be :slight_smile:


Yeah mate they taste really nice too so kids can lick them when they’re not playing




sold my switch didn’t i


Googling ‘Mario Odyssey cartridge’ did not disappoint:

Edit: Translates to Mario 4: Space Odyssey.


Got it pre-ordered for a digital download, don’t know when I’ll have time to play it at the minute though.


Excellent stuff


Last video game I played was Mario 64. I think I am officially out of the loop. Might have a look if they have these on display in shops.




Got it preordered.

Why are people so against preorders BTW?

Loved the shit out of Mario 64, skipped Sunshine, Love Galaxy, skipped Galaxy 2, didn’t even know their was a game after that for the Wii U (come on, who did) and now I’m into this hard. So excited.


I hear that they’re BACK IN STOCK now m7. Think this is the very short window where you can pick one up before the Xmas shortage kicks in