Mark Carney


Don’t know much about him but I’ve always felt he’s been a comforting sober, grown-up presence. And now we’ve been a dick to him. We are such dicks aren’t we?

Thoughts on Mark Carney or Brexiteer dickery.


He’s an expert and foreign therefore needs to be murdered


Imagine how much of a buzz being Governor of the Bank of England must be. Huge buzz.


Couldn’t believe the story about him getting tricked by a Mexican restaurant.


Just do the gag


Or the one about him tripping over at a fair.


Urgh… Just do it…


In the hopeless position of managing the economy whilst a bunch of fuckwits try and work out the least worst way of wrecking it. Think he’s done about as well as might be expected. I doubt the usual suspects baying for his head could do much better.



Is this the Stacey Solomon thread all over again?

Cause I’ve never heard of this guy,


He was on X-Factor, then started dating Steve-O after they appeared on channel 4’s The Jump, I believe


Silver fox imho


Won I’m a celeb 2013


Do you not have the internet or a television or something?


Someone even explains exactly who he is in this thread!



I once got a handjob off someone with the surname Carney.




Was it really cold at the time and was Con Bordino from Heartbreak High watching?


Quantitative (pl)easing?