Mark Carney

Don’t know much about him but I’ve always felt he’s been a comforting sober, grown-up presence. And now we’ve been a dick to him. We are such dicks aren’t we?

Thoughts on Mark Carney or Brexiteer dickery.

He’s an expert and foreign therefore needs to be murdered


Imagine how much of a buzz being Governor of the Bank of England must be. Huge buzz.


Couldn’t believe the story about him getting tricked by a Mexican restaurant.

Just do the gag

Or the one about him tripping over at a fair.

Urgh… Just do it…

In the hopeless position of managing the economy whilst a bunch of fuckwits try and work out the least worst way of wrecking it. Think he’s done about as well as might be expected. I doubt the usual suspects baying for his head could do much better.

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Is this the Stacey Solomon thread all over again?

Cause I’ve never heard of this guy,

He was on X-Factor, then started dating Steve-O after they appeared on channel 4’s The Jump, I believe

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Silver fox imho

Won I’m a celeb 2013


Do you not have the internet or a television or something?

Someone even explains exactly who he is in this thread!


I once got a handjob off someone with the surname Carney.


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Was it really cold at the time and was Con Bordino from Heartbreak High watching?

Quantitative (pl)easing?