Mark E Smith is 60



Still a woman beater too.


is he ?




ah right. Apparently. Fact then.


Don’t know about him being a woman beater, I though you were responding to OP.
He’s a prick for sure - read the Brix Smith book & he seems to be a lost cause.


Sort of surprised he’s not older. He’s looked around 60 for about 20 years now.


I replied to roastthemonaspit. Yeah I’ve read quite a few fall books, including Brix’s. he’s most definately an unpleasant man at times by all accounts. Just don’t like the rumour presented as fact stuff we get a lot on dis…


Posted that link as a genuine Fall fan, well worth a read.
You’re clearly a fan too seeing as you’ve read several books on them. Any in particular worth checking out? I’ve only read Brix’s which only covers a few years of The Fall.


This is worth your time and eyes.

I read Renegade as well but that had a bit of a man rants in pub settling scores kind of feel to it.


Definitely his own one, Renegade. Basically 250 pages of stories resulting in ‘AND NEEDLESS TO SAY, I HAD THE LAST LAUGH!!!’ surprisingly enough…


Just seen Chadders review of this above mine. Equally valid tbh tbf…


As chadders mentions, The Big Midweek. It’s by far the best one I’ve read. Really enjoyed The Fallen by Dave Simpson as well.


60? Haha loser


didn’t know Krishnan Guru-Murthy is a Fall fan


yeah these are both great. haven’t read Brix’s yet but heard her read a couple of chapters from it


I’m genuinely amazed that he’s made it to 60. That guy’s insides must be a festering mess.


so what


The Fallen is the best book on them I think!