Mark E Smith murders red squirrels

A mate bought me a ticket for his gig next week. Birthday present. Or, my mate didn’t want to go on his own. But…

Although I am wondering whether or not he just made this up for a laugh. After all his years of boozing and smoking (and other stuff), I doubt he could catch a tortoise let alone a squirrel.

PETA’s response is scathing:

Animals…should have the right not to be cruelly attacked and killed by a has-been singer.”

Take that Smithers!


He’s apparently in very, very bad health. Friend saw them a few months ago and said the audience were visibly shocked at how ill he is and he only managed about a 35min set in a wheelchair.

What a cunt.


Couldn’t get a red. He just couldn’t get a red.


This happened 9 years ago. Let it go geeeeeeeeeeze

Yeah, true. He was never prosecuted by the RSPCA. We should let it go.

Do you think maybe, just maybe he was taking shit, which he tends to do ?


He’s on the mend apparently. According to Fall management.


Squirrels can be intimidating. Just look at poor Steve Albini…

(almost posted this one by mistake):


That’s a sad fucking song (the first one).

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Yup, he’s done (produced or recorded) THOUSANDS of them.

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Two hour set on his feet before that mind

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Yeah I’ve seen pictures of him in a wheelchair and in a sling with a swollen face. Still gigging though

Aye, I think that was from their gig in Glasgow last month? Didn’t manage to go. Fair play to him soldiering on though…

I shall report back on his London gig on the 30th. Though I’m sure I won’t be the only one there.

Whereas relevant signers should absolutely have the right to cruelly attack and kill animals.

Even when the article was written, he was still getting far bigger audiences than most bands that I generally go to see. If he was a “has-been” most bands that I like never were and never will be.

he shouts something about this story at the end of Bury but it’s typically hard to work out what he’s actually on about