Mark Ellis, alleged kidnapper and One Nation candidate for Macallister, QLD



This has made me laugh enough to deserve its own thread.

Mark Ellis, representing the far-right One Nation party in Australia which the abhorrent Pauline Hanson fronts, decided to join Twitter and make his first tweet.

The replies were amazing, mainly based around these kidnapping charges he faced back in 1994.

Regardless of the nature of his charges, the way he’s handled it all makes Alan Partridge look like a PR mastermind.

His ACTUAL bio

Quote after quote


the guy is a piece of shit, as is anyone associated with this party

their ‘vetting’ of candidates has left a lot to be desired

also, he wears horrible jeans!



good to see that this mope has withdrawn his candidacy at least

but there will be more loons to come!


This story gets juicier


Incredible stuff. That Twitter bio has done me


It’s all been downhill for him since he left American Music Club



account suspended


I’ve never seen you post here, but your username/avatar combo is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

mad love.