Mark Fisher RIP

Guessing some would have seen the news over the weekend that Mark Fisher had passed away aged only 48.

Literally only came across his work because of a post I saw on this site a few months ago so I read Ghosts of My Life and a few things I could find online. Really gutted I didn’t find him sooner or get to see him speak and even this brief dip into his work is enough to have left me pretty sad to hear he’s gone.

Anyway, a nice piece on The Quietus:

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something really devastating about this, i guess maybe because he talked so much about how depression and society/politics are linked.

there have been some lovely tributes to him

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Both of those posts are great.

The more I read the more I get the feeling we could really be doing with his voice right now. But the good news is it’s obvious he’s inspired plenty of people who’ll be willing to take up the reigns.

RIP Mark Fisher, 4 years ago today.

This piece about depression is my favourite of his:


Total ignorance at this I’m afraid, what’s the connection with Junior Boys?

Love(d) their first two albums.