Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) has passed away



never heard of them or him before last year but Laughing Stock is a beautiful album which I hugely respect.

Very sad news


Oh fuck

Spirit of Eden was one of the first things I bought when I started buying vinyl. Deeply sad.

Always hoped there’d be new music from him one day. His solo album is so amazing and probably quite overlooked. RIP, what a phenomenal artist.

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Bummer :frowning: RIP

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That’s very sad. My dad was an enormous fan, and by osmosis so was I. Talk Talk were one of the first bands I got really into and are responsible for shaping my musical pallet to this day.

Ahhhh shit.

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Been getting into the poppier stuff only recently. Obviously the last two records are classics, but I’m amazed how great It’s My Life and especially Colour of Spring are. What a great band.

Yeah fuck it, I’m posting it, it feels right. RIP mate.


gonna listen to Laughing Stock in the dark in a bubble bath tonight in memory of him

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This is awful news. Genius is often over-used in music but he actually was.

Came late to the back catalogue via bands like Zelienople who had the Talk Talk tag thrown around. One of the very best.

Fuck. Just completely gutted and numb

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Sad news… he was only 64 too. Talk talk were an innovative band and most definitely had a huge influence on the 90s music scene in the UK (and probably abroad too). Guess I know what I’ll be listening to for the rest of the day!

Gonna jam the colour if spring later. I know the later two are a different beast but CoS is mad underrated.


Can go one further… I got home and put it on. My daughter had just learned to walk and spent most of side A pushing a ball across a footstool at me and giggling every time she failed to catch it when rolled back. The opening track (the rainbow) always makes me think of it - just one of those mundane but wonderful moments.


fuck :frowning: