Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) has passed away

does anyone want a pair of tickets for this before i put them on twickets? I can no longer attend :frowning:

Where are you sat?

Balcony Green Side, Level 6 Door N Row C

Also got two tickets for sale as can no longer go :frowning: Front Stalls, Row E.

my tickets sold within half an hour of being put on Twickets!

Are these still available…?

sold them, sorry!

This is tonight! Really excited about it, tbh.

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I’ve just put two rear stalls seats on Twickets as I’m moving flat tomorrow and can’t make it work

Both excited and nervous. Seems like a slightly weird bunch of guests, but holding out hope that it’ll be great.

7:30pm sharp start apparently…

What did you think?


My experience wasn’t helped by some absolute chump filming the entire thing on a fucking tablet a few rows in front directly in my eye line. Or the guy next to me man spreading and smelling of BO. Or the one behind me leaning forward and breathing right down my neck…

I thought most of the singers did a surprisingly good job, but the band were ropey as hell at points, fluffing cues, missing beats etc.

The main guitarist was particularly unprepared to my ears. He kept hitting bum notes and even in the really simple single chord bit in Eden kept dropping out of time, which was pretty painful to hear. It was like a covers jam session rather than a performance you’d expect from a band at an event like this.

Alexis Taylor doing The Colour of Spring from Hollis’ solo album was lovely though, and the guy from The Maccabees of all people delivered a pretty decent impression of Hollis. Living In Another World was good too.

Overall though… not that great if I’m being honest. I really wanted to like it but… yeah.

Hope you had a better time than I did?!

My feelings are similar to yours, though I think I enjoyed it a bit more/was slightly less frustrated by some of the less than perfect aspects!

Highlights were Living In Another World and Give It Up. I actually enjoyed Tim Burgess’ attempt to give Such A Shame a Baggy Manchester stamp! It just felt very under-rehearsed at times. Which was silly, given the incredible complexity and fragility of Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock. As such, the earlier synth-pop stuff worked best. Turin Brakes were bloody brilliant and showed how a really tight band, used to playing together, makes all the difference. And the sound in RFH is stellar.

Child 3 and I had a good time, and it was lovely to hear those songs for the first time (for me) in a live setting, and to remind us all of Hollis’ and Talk Talk’s irrefutable genius.

Only one actual gripe…where was After The Flood?? :sob:


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I thought the show was incredible. I really wasn’t bothered by any under-rehearsedness, and I thought the band sounded fantastic.

Enjoyed the first half a fair bit more than the second. Alexis Taylor and My Brightest Diamond were particularly good.

Seeing Mark and Andy from Ride doing Living in Another World is one of the highlights of my year.

If the band toured with Orlando Weeks doing his Mark Hollis impersonation, I would definitely go.

I guess I got really lucky with my seats too.


Gutted I missed this. Did they play ‘I Believe in You’ and who was the vocalist for that?

Wasn’t at this so don’t have a strong opinion either way, but I think it’s notable Talk Talk didn’t tour SoE nor I think LS, because the songs were studio creations and Hollis didn’t think they could do them justice live. So I can perhaps understand if they struggled (but also this is why I was pretty skeptical when this was announced)…

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Orlando Weeks sang it… brilliantly

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Thanks, and welcome!

Glad other people enjoyed it a bit more than I did. I don’t regret going because it was always a bit of a risk due to what @guntrip had pointed out with the latter songs and Hollis’ solo records being studio creations. Plus Hollis had a unique voice.

Orlando Weeks’ impression was pretty impressive though.