Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) has passed away

Bm and TNP for sure (will have to listen to the othere you mentioned!) Trying to think who else I’d add. I remember it was my hobby in my early twenties to link bands to that sort of scene (High Places being a particular favourite)

I would say maybe Palm (doing the same MIDI guitar stuff as Disco Inferno on their last album), A Sunny Day in Glasgow were too (though I’ve lost touch with em for some reason, which is weird as they were my favourite band at one point), and maybe Vanishing Twin (like Pram and Broadcast, their retrofuturism manages to step way beyond pastiche I think) though I’ve only recently gotten into them

should add that I’m always trying to rip off old post-rock to varying degrees myself

Thought I’d had no chance of getting tickets so pleasantly surprised this morning…particularly as work dragged me away mid queue but allowed me to check-out on the seat selection screen when I was back on screen half an hour later…unusual - guess it would have been a much different story if this had been an actual Talk Talk reunion gig. Will be interesting to hear how the vocals are shared. Talking of Bon Iver above I remember them doing a rather great cover of I believe in You at the Shepherds Bush Empire back when I was a fan of Bon Iver.

@funkycow - nice playlist. Lots for me to check-out. Always right to include Explosions especially such a tune as that… but I agree it opens up doors in terms of era. Always nice to see Rodan get a namecheck on these boards too


Ta, realised that there’s mileage in another disc of earlier stuff, probably picking the best of this lot:

June of 44
Cul de Sac
A R Kane
Bardo Pond
Ecstasy of St Theresa
Long Fin Killie
O’rang (ex Talk Talk!)
US Maple
The Sea and Cake


Got me a couple of tickets. Can’t wait.

Got a couple of tickets earlier. Had a beer and listening to Spirit of Eden and I feel really emotional.

Think there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll shed a tear or two at the gig.

Really tempted but dunno if I’d be able to make it

Both Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock are two of the records that can bring me to tears no matter how many times I listen. I have a particular soft spot for the latter, even though it is probably just shaded by SoE. This is because, as a teenager I bought it on cassette, not really knowing why, and wasn’t quite mature enough to ‘get’ it. Then I understood things. And, oh my!

I bought tickets for me and Child 3 (18, impeccable taste thus far) and he is beyond excited.


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There’s very little music that can start the warm pricking of tears by itself, but SoE and Laughing Stock have that effect on me. Not specifically sad or happy tears, but some kind of ineffable, overwhelming human feeling that they conjure up. I don’t really know how to describe it but there was such empathy in Hollis’ voice and music that it gets me every time.


Got tickets too and listened to them all day. Last three albums, that comp he compiled and the solo album never ever get old and it all just has such a different effect on me to most other music. I only first explored them properly because JK Broadrick from Godflesh etc (probably my all time musical hero apart from Mike Patton) used to tweet what he was listening to and one day he mentioned laughing stock… funny how stuff lands

I never tire of telling the story of how Hollis and co. presented these records to EMI who asked them “what the fuck is this?”, “where are the singles!!!”, almost refusing to release them, only for them to go on to become nigh-on universally acclaimed as masterpieces and two of the most influential records of that period - or even that they may have spawned an entirely new genre of music…!


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does anyone want a pair of tickets for this before i put them on twickets? I can no longer attend :frowning:

Where are you sat?

Balcony Green Side, Level 6 Door N Row C

Also got two tickets for sale as can no longer go :frowning: Front Stalls, Row E.

my tickets sold within half an hour of being put on Twickets!

Are these still available…?

sold them, sorry!