Mark Kozelek thread

For his latest music/rants about the world in general

Here’s his anti-Trump song with Jesu:

“I’m fun to be around, I’m endearing and I sing songs that make grown men cry”

Ok Mark.

never listened to him, but its quite funny how he’s attempted to destroy all the goodwill towards him since he was mildly hyped

Fucking hate this almost spoken word-y shit. The two things i like about him most are his guitar work and his vocals, this latest stuff doesn’t tick either box. His lyrics are often pretty bad, but the melodies of his more acoustic stuff means that rarely matters. It’s almost like he’s parodying the parodies now, but it’s not good. It’s a million miles away from his best works, or even Perils.

This is 9 minutes long

Sounds like the demo setting on a toy keyboard

Pretty sure that quote was Hitler.