Mark Maclachy! Marc Mulhacy! Mark Macalachy!

Where to start with Mark Mulcahy?

Solo: Fathering
Miracle Legion - surprise surprise surprise

I listened to and enjoyed Possum in the Driveway a lot last year.

Love this album, wish Netflix would show Pete & Pete

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Smilesunset is my favourite solo LP, but Possum in the Driveway from 2017 is completely brilliant.

Did you pop this cherry in the end?

Fathering all the way.

His other records are all good, but Fathering is a stone cold classic.

“Hey self defeater” seems to be his only good song unfortunately

Lol wut. Cup of tea and your insights is great, as is most of the new album

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You’re right, it was a great insight

There’s in an in joke going on here and I’m lost


(excused if you were referring strictly to solo material)


I am

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Consider yourself Mulhacied


I mostly just wanted to post Hey Sandy, any opportunity to do so should be taken :+1:

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