Mark Wahlberg's mornings


One and a half hour shower followed by half an hour of golf.


i bet he is an absolute chore to be with


*1 1/2 hour shower. Entirely reasonable.


Was “chore” ever used as a word for “steal” when you were younger?


it was not


why doesn’t he get up at say 5 and go to bed at a more grown up hour?


Imagine taking 30 minutes to eat a snack. Maybe some really tough nougat?


and skip breakfast??


never done either but reckon I’d prefer flotation tank to a cryo chamber


Maybe he’s just an early bird. I’d totally get up earlier and go to bed later if it was within my power.


is cry-o-chamber a nu-emo band?


Does he make the whole family go to bed at 7:30pm?


and how much golf is getting done in 30 minutes? Does he have his own course in the garden? must do I suppose


assuming it’s golf story on the switch


maybe we could all try to follow his schedule on saturday?


Full 18, hole-in-one on every hole


I expect they all roll their eyes at him and settle down to enjoy a lovely evening without him


My first reaction was that this is absurd, but he’s getting more sleep than I am, so maybe it’s me that’s absurd.


Family time at 11 but kids need picking up at 3 :thinking::thinking::thinking: