Mark Wahlberg's mornings


Just bursts into the classroom, snack crumbs all over his face


Did you know him and his brothers run a burger chain?


What time?


Mark’s family’s schedule:

2:30am - 7:30pm: Deal with Mark’s bullshit
7:31pm: Thank fuck that’s over for another day

Better Luck This Time: POTW
Better Luck This Time: POTW

He’s obviously playing golf for more than half an hour, just snacking half an hour into it. Probably packs a flapjack to have at the third tee, sensible behaviour.


11-1. Family time and work meetings are combined (meetings with his brothers), work calls are calls about burgers.


Unless they work odd shifts literally no human-being purposely gets up before 5am.


We’re starting to get a much fuller picture here, thank you.


do you think he’s praying that he can go back to bed and wake up at a normal time


Do :clap: not :clap: speak :clap: to :clap: me :clap: until :clap: I’ve :clap: had :clap: my :clap: cryo chamber recovery


a 90 minute snack


Thing is, he’ll have a personal trainer who he’ll insist is at his home gym by 3:30am, and one day that PT will strangle him while he’s bench-pressing.


At what point does getting up so early tip over so that you’re just getting up really late? 10pm?


works less than four hours a day, prob closer to three including family time



I used to set my alarm for 16:15 at Uni so I could enjoy Deal or No Deal with breakfast.


I imagine he gets the administrative side of things done between 11am and 1pm and 2pm and 3pm.


Jay-Z’s laugh


wonder when he goes online


11am-1pm: Admin
2pm - 3pm: Grillin’


Used to consider it a victory if I woke up just in time for the second airing of Neighbours (17:35)