Mark Wahlberg's mornings


The Wallburgers


Wahlburgers is the name of the chain, yes.


Students are the absolute fucking pits eh


Tbh this just makes me like Marky Mark more.


More than you liked him for this kind of stuff?


When’s he doing stuff like unloading the dishwasher or emptying the bins


To be honest I mostly know him from looking confused by the dialogue in Michael Bay films bit, OK, point very much taken.


As you were


You have to assume he combines it with his snacking


Aight fuck it im in. How does one get hold of a cryogenic recovery chamber?


What time did he publish this?


He prays for half an hour a day now though!

(at 2:45am, when even god isn’t listening)



Prob lots of boring dream chat too. Poor God.


Thanks ant. Think that’s all I need aside from second hand golf clubs. Ffs I hate golf my life is going to suck now.


I think he’s done a very good job of making sure this stuff isn’t constantly brought up, I do like him in a lot of films as well tbf, just a shame he’s obviously got a massive nasty streak (to be generous).


Golf is actually good!



i’d spot mark wahlberg at 3:30am while putting up with all his bullshit for $10k a session or whatever the fuck that dude will be making


The mini one is.

Maxi golf is terrible