Mark Wahlberg's mornings


“Dear God, my family aren’t happy with me because I’ve missed every party and gathering this year due to my absurdly early bedtime.”


You ever gone to Top Golf Chigwell?


Okay actually the name alone is selling it. What’s the situation?


If anything you’re selling the whole routine to me more


You can go there if you want.

It’s a driving range but with bowling-esque scoring by hitting the balls into target areas.

It’s fun and, as I say, you can go there if you want.


I do like bowling. I’ll try it out. Thanks ant you’ve just saved me doing 18 holes every day


He has like a weird mini course with hills and bunkers and stuff. I imagine he’s just having a practice.





This is like mini golf plus.


reminds me of this post but… serious


He’s in LA, which means 2.30am is actually 7.30pm. He’s INSANE.


Wark Mahlberg’s Wornings


He’s getting up in 14 minutes everyone! Watch out!!!


He spends 3 hours a day in the shower!


half an hour of prayer at 2:45 every morning? I bet God’s absolutely fed up with him.

I like that it takes exactly half an hour to eat each snack


I wonder what he does actually do in that down time mind you. It’s only really the time after the shower that he’s got to achieve much


I think the first shower takes ages because he has to dress himself after it and that is a struggle. I’d imagine he just stays nude after the second one.



I remember that usage. Haven’t seen it written down before - always assumed it was spelt ‘chaw’.

Assume this is a Kent thing?


I thought that too having grown up in Kent