Mark Wahlberg's mornings


15 minutes until Mark has to pick up kids @ school! Hope he’s finishing up those meetings/work calls!




What a load of shit.


I’m choosing to read the last bit as him making his own coconuts.


You don’t? Bet you don’t culture your vegies either. Awful man


Did not know that, pair of weirdos.


Sounds like a prat


‘a lot’
Think you over-reached yourself a there, guv


Fuck’s an ‘activated almond’?



Boogie Nights, The Departed, Pain & Gain, The Fighter, Date Night, I Heart Huckabees…



So when are you starting your new routine? Do we get a live blog?


second my ribs are healed watch me fucking fly. 2 hours sitting in a smeg fridge and then multiple rounds of drunk mini golf




Great to know that you can be incredibly rich, famous and attractive and still live a completely mundane life


thanks man but my life isn’t that mundane you know.


Aren’t most lives mundane for the most part? It’s not a bad thing. I mean, except Nic Cage, I doubt his life is mundane in any way. I’d love to see his day planner.