Marmite Peanutbutter

Now a thing

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Definitely not a thing

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This was correct, up until 4mins ago, when it became a thing

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don’t think you can improve on the flavour of Marmite


peanut butter is a B+ tier flavour, Marmite is A*

probably even better than cheese

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Papa Johns do a Marmite and Cheese stuffed crust and dough bites, they dont shy away from using LOTS of Marmite either. Its delicious

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used to have a toasted cheese and marmite sandwich but eventually I realised marmite on toast is actually better

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Is there still a part of you that wants to live?


marmite is so strong can’t imagine anything you combine it with tasting of anything except marmite

Love peanut butter. Don’t like Marmite at all. This is not the product, or indeed thread, for me. Not sure what I’m doing here tbh.



Im very excited


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  • Up for this
  • Not up for this

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You never do find out his first name, do you?

I’ve been doing this for years, it tastes cheesey.

Really really here for this tbh

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sounds too dry for its own good

I often have two toast one marmite and one peanut butter so this is really just a very efficient spread for me