Just got given Marmite on toast: first time I’ve ever had Marmite. I found it very ‘meh’

  • I love Marmite
  • I hate Marmite
  • Meh

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“Does what it says on the tin”

Marmite you either love it or you should use it more sparingly


Smells fucking horrendous

I don’t think I’ve ever had marmite stratigth before

I don’t think anyone has

Wouldn’t say I hate it, but it’s not particularly nice.

Love a bit of Bovril on toast though.

you ever stir it until it goes white

Needs to be spread very thinly IMO. Big mistake many people make when trying it for the first time is spreading it like jam or nutella, which is grim. Couple of nice bits of doorstop bread, toasted golden, well buttered, with a thin layer of marmite spread after the butter has melted and started to soak into the bread. Perfect. Great with a dippy egg too.

Vegemite is even better.

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^this to the first bit

^definitely not this to the last bit

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tbf i haven’t had vegemite in a long time. could just be nostalgia.

can’t believe you missed the opportunity to write “mehmite”

Love a nice marmite and cheese toastie. Salty af but properly nang.

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I have a theory that it’s what you have first which is why aussies swear vegemite is the best and brits go for marmite.

Tried eating a small jar of it with a teaspoon while at uni. Got about 6 teaspoons in before giving up


doesn’t rhyme well enough?

Yeah Vegemite’s definitely got a distinctive taste to it which I don’t like.

Not a fan of this ‘thin layer of Marmite’ chat. Get as much as you can on.

So near, so microaggression.

Being the dickhead I am I mash some avocado and put it on top of toast and marmite, maybe some quartered cherry tomatoes and chilli flakes if I can be arsed