Ok, these guys are pretty new to me, but they sound a lot of fun. I am listening to the new album (January) and liking it very much.
The frontwoman Becca McIntyre has a great set of pipes. Has anyone seen them live?

Yeah, several times. When they were touring their first album The Weird & Wonderful Marmozets (which in my opinion is better than the new one but is a lot heavier/rougher round the edges), it felt like they were getting put on tour with any band their management could think of because their sound doesn’t/didn’t really fit with anyone else.

I saw them open for Taking Back Sunday which was a particularly odd combination. Most recently, I saw their headline show in London a couple of weeks back. Sound was terrible, but Becca’s voice is, if anything, even better live than on record. And she’s obviously massively inspiring too - one of the few gigs I’ve been to where not only were the crowd singing along to every word of every song, but female voices drowned out male ones.

I also wrote a feature on them recently, if you’re into that sort of thing /shamelessplug

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Great, thanks. I 'll have a read, and listen to the first album of course. I think she would be amazing on stage - would like to see that.

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She really is. Energetic, slightly otherworldly at times, hits all the notes. She’s a superstar, and they have the potential to be massive, particularly given how accessible this new album is. And the whole band are a family (literally, it’s two sets of siblings and they’ve been playing together for a decade) so there’s this incredible, genuine, warmth and connection between them all.

I have twice, they’re brilliant live. Becca went into the crowd when I saw them in August.
First album blew me away when I heard it in full first time round. Second album is a grower but is still great. One of the most exciting new(ish) rock bands around.

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Definitely going to put them down as a band to see this summer. Can’t wait!