Marriage Proposals are Stupid


Let’s beeve it right up in here, no sensible opinions please


I see the Graun’s gone full Buzzfeed today:


marriage is stupid


That’s a given, but I feel like if we target proposals specifically then we’ll generate some excellent content here.


Shite isn’t it


Yeah they are actually. Never really thought about it.


The article is obviously shrieking nonsense, even asking for a conversation or debate needs a confirmation/agreement/some form of saying “yes” to agreed upon terms (and even then completely eliminates or ignores all drama, romance or fun from the proceeding which let’s be honest is the whole point of a wedding)


I do not want to propose to someone.
I do want to be proposed to.
Just because I feel like that, it doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist/unequal to my partner/institutionalized etc


Big showy proposals in front of an audience are really bad and put a lot of pressure on the proposee to say yes imo


Public proposals are a form of emotional abuse.



Imagine the anguish that comes from learning that you were created in a test tube just to facilitate an extremely elaborate marriage proposal

Clones are for life, not just for viral proposals


Good when they say no though


quite obviously depends on the relationship


I still hope that this isn’t faked:


100% per cent agree. and yes, this is a direct, personal attack on your character if you’ve proposed to anyone in any way

this the kind of thing you’re after?


I was at a family friend’s party once as a kid and her bf got down on one knee and proposed in front of all of us. She said no. Good times!

(They did get married years later tho)


Any good public proposals being rejected videos should be posted in the ‘Undeniably Funny Things’ thread


Certain people would love it.
Certain people would hate it.

if you don’t know if your partner would love or hate it, you shouldn’t ask them




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